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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The End of a Fairytale Marriage - Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's Divorce

Money can't buy you love or at least not eternal love. Kobe and Vanessa were the epithome of the modern-day Romeo and Juliet-style interratial union who went against all odds and against Kobe's parents wishes who did not approve of him marrying outside his race. Is it a case of opposites no longer attracted to each other? Or is there a third person who contributed to the break-up, having caught Kobe's wandering eye? Someone in the name of Carla DiBello, better known as Kim Kardashian's best friend, as reported by several gossip magazines.
DiBello is an Italian American friend of Kobe (not sure if she was also friends with Vanessa, certainly not anymore ;-P ). A lot of you who are fans of the Lakers player will know that having spent his childhood in Italy, Kobe speaks fluent Italian and is very fond of Italy and its culture. Well, at least Carla and Kobe have one thing in common. Will the divorce affect Kobe as a player? Let's just hope that he recovers quickly and he does not decide to retire as has been hinted recently.....GO LAKERS!!!!

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